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300×600 mm | 600×600 mm | 800x800mm | 600x1200mm

The most acceptable size Globally in the Porcelain Tile segment, We have a wide range of Popular Design and colour.

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450×900 mm | 900×900 mm

The very new perfect rectangular and Square size with new marble Designs and very attractive collection in this range.

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200×1200 mm

The all new classy product for your Space with so much new Design in Wooden Porcelain Tile Strips.

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600×1200 mm Full Body

Let’s have a look of our rarest collection of full body Porcelain Tile, the most artistic and indefinite expression of colour takes form in an absolutely innovative ceramic surface with 8 colors in matt finish.

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800×2400 mm | 1200×2400 mm

The large Format Porcelain Full Body tile collection for various Application, mostly use as a counter tops for giving your Kitchen a Unique Look!

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1600x3200mm | 1200x2600mm | 1000x3000mm | 1200x3600mm | 1600x1600mm

Introducing the XXL Large Slab with marvellous marble design and massive size format!

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Trendy and Vintage at the same time is called Mosiac ! Have a look at customized porcelain mosiac and wide range in glass mosiac.

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